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The scenic Lake Amistad, just 12 miles from Del Rio, is a body of water which straddles the Mexican and American border. The large lake is surrounded by desert and can claim over 800 miles of shoreline as well as 68,000 acres of sparkling water. Lake Amistad, one of the most popular lakes in Texas, is pleasantly warm for nine months of the year and boasts one of the longest lake seasons in the country providing outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation.


Lake Amistad is an important historic reservoir on the Rio Grande. The reservoir stands as a testament to the cooperation of two neighboring countries. Built on the border of Mexico and the U.S. as a joint project with a clear international agreement, "Amistad" was fittingly named for the spainish word for friendship.

The reservoir itself was formed in 1969 when the Amistad Dam was constructed to control flooding, conserve water, provide irrigation and give hydroelectric power to the area. Both Amistad Dam and Lake Amistad are managed jointly by the U.S. government and the Mexican government. 


Lake Amistad is known as one of the most popular recreational areas in the state of Texas. The reservoir is a well loved and well visited area where people go to fish and enjoy the great outdoors. Homes for sale in Lake Amistad have the advantage of being located near the Amistad National Recreation Area, which provides both residents and visitors with an oasis retreat in the desert. The park is home to Native American rock art dating back more than 4,000 years ago. It was also the site of many U.S. military camps and outposts, but now anyone is free to visit the area. 

Popular Lake Amistad Recreation

Attractions and Activities

The Lake Amistad home buyer who wants to be located near plenty of attractions and activities won't be disappointed in the Lake Amistad area. Not only is Lake Amistad an attraction within itself, but there is also plenty of shopping and dining to be had in nearby Del Rio.

The resoivoir located right on the border of the U.S. and Mexico provides easy access to the border. Crossing over the border into nearby Ciudad Acuna, Mexico can make for a fun day trip. The beautiful and historic Mexican town offers up an intense nightlife as well as plazas, parks, temples and museums.

Fishing, boating and camping are among the most popular activities that people engage in at Lake Amistad, so if you enjoy such outdoor activities, then Lake Amistad is the place for you.  
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